YOP: Yield Optimization Pad IDO Market Place

We are pleased to announce the first IDO market place and launchpad aggregator: Bounce, DAOMaker, DexTools, DuckDAO, FalconPool, Ignition, Polkastater, Poolz, Trustswap. Connecting you directly to the leading IDO pools via the YOP Protocol on our simple and easy to use application.

As a yield centric platform focused on providing our customers with the best decentralised finance products, today we introduce the Yield Optimization Pad. The Pad will allow YOP customers to have access to a wide host of decentralised launch protocols. Our launchpad aggregator will access IDO smart contracts and allow customers to directly participate from the YOP Platform. Having seamless access, visual sight and bridges to all IDO launchpads in a single application brings more value to our customers and to each launchpad. Customers can now swap into launch pools through the YOP wallet and swap dex. Added benefits will include tools such as impartial reports, automation, project data and scheduling to support the growing number of participants seeking to enter IDOs.

YOP Launch Pad Aggregator

We have seen demand in DeFi and the use of protocols built upon networks grow at a staggering pace. Using our native wallet and swap dex built in the YOP Platform the addition of a launchpad marketplace will complement the existing products. Accessed from the SWAP tab of our 5 core product line, introducing YOP Pad further demonstrates the ability for YOP to integrate value add features and continue to bolster our product offering.

As decentralised platforms grow in popularity the need for aggregation and clarity for novice and expert customers alike is important for an enhanced customer experience. Not only saving time, but rewarding loyal participants through our YOP Exclusive Pool. We believe the YOP Pad can add value by being impartial and neutral in all offerings; be it staking, yield farming, IDOs, Swaps or market data. This is inline with our long term vision to become a leading front facing application for millions of users to access the token economy.

YOP IDO Market Place

YOP is strategically positioned for huge customer acquisition from our strong foundation in the crypto community, but also via our firm footing in the traditional financial markets. YOP is primed to capture growth from institutes that are now forced to reinvent themselves by introducing decentralised technology to satisfy customer demand. One example we can give an insight into is an ongoing conversation with a payment solution provider with over 250,000 customers wanting to introduce DeFi & the token economy to its customer base.

With access to such large customer bases, the IDO platforms are set to benefit from a launchpad aggregator, which will directly expose them and the projects to new participants. In addition to supporting these platforms and bringing more customer flow to them we will create YOP exclusive pools. The YOP Exclusive pools will be a mixture of early access where secured through collaborations and independent pools. YOP can also support projects seeking incubation through its partnership with Pluto Digital Assets, an emerging crypto investment company based in London. The $YOP exclusive pool access will range from holding 333 $YOP to 8888 $YOP for various swaps.

YOP Launchpad Aggregator

YOP is a Yield Optimization Platform and Protocol: an all-in-one application that makes it easy for everyone to access DeFi markets. YOP gives you custody, insights and custom parameters all inside one single application. By implementing custom feature sets in our smart contracts, we provide more value to the user, network and YOP token. YOP is chain-agnostic and will focus on integrating DeFi protocols across seven blockchain networks including (but not limited to) Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana.


  • Access to leading launchpads
  • YOP Exclusive Pools hold 333 to 8888 $YOP
  • Integrated into SWAP tab of YOP Application
  • Projects reviews, reports, data
  • Scheduling & automation
  • Easy access with YOP UI/UX

We look forward to integrating and building out the IDO marketplace on the back of completing the V0 YOP application, due to be released this quarter. YOP continues to seek out innovative products and features to bring more value to our customers and platform.

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Website yop.finance




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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol