Ask any millennial to choose between a physical asset (i.e gold) vs digital asset (i.e bitcoin), no surprises they lean towards the digital asset. The world today is wrapped in an ever growing digital economy. Everything from the way we transact, communicate & create memories is digital. One of the fastest areas of growth in the digital world is the token economy. From the rise of Bitcoin just over 10 years ago to the breakneck growth of DeFi & NFTs. In 2020 we saw a exponential surge of demand and new appetite for decentralised financial products and the ever popular digital art-world. These two booming areas, cross roads at various junctions and it is why today we are excited to announce our partnership with FVCKRENDER & MEME.



We have collaborated with FVCKRENDER to create 3 sets of super rare NFTs that carry the essence of YOP and hallmark of Frederic Duquette. FVCKRENDER creations are highly sought after and Fred has over 300,000 Instagram followers. Fred is a leading digital artist having worked with super brands around the world. His art has created waves with stunning creations and commands a high premium in the secondary market. Some of the names FVCKRENDER has worked with recently include Supreme, Dior, CardiB and LIL NASX. We are honoured to have him on-board with YOP and the FVCKRENDER x YOP NFTs will be revealed Friday 15th Jan 5pm UTC.



Intro MEME. YOP welcomes the MEME platform, a leading NFT platform that has grown rapidly and created waves in the digital art space. MEME as the name suggests began with a satirical tweet from the Founder Jordan Lyall. The tweet mocked the rapid emergence of “food coins”. During the DeFi wave in Summer 2020. The tweet rapidly turned into a token issuance (yes someone decided to go mint $MEME tokens after reading it) and with the traction token received, was born the DeFi Art community project. MEME is a decentralized protocol for farming NFTs.

DeFi Meets Art — MEME NFT Platform

Stake $YOP > Earn Pineapples > Mint YOP NFT > Enter Draw

We have created 3 beautiful YOP NFTs that you can mine on the MEME platform. All you have to do is stake YOP and mint these YOP NFTs. The YOP/MEME collaboration will allow members to stake YOP and earn Pineapples. These tickets will be an ERC-1155 NFT. Now here is the BIG BONUS! You stake YOP to earn these YOP NFTs, but then also get a chance to WIN the FVCKRENDER NFT. So these special YOP NFTs act like lottery tickets for the FVCKRENDER NFTs. Double whammy!

3 Special YOP NFTs Available on MEME
  • Mint 1 yProtocol YOP NFT for 222 Pineapples
  • Mint 1 $YOP YOP NFT for 88 Pineapples
Stake YOP > Earn Pineapples > Mint YOP NFTs


  • FVCKRENDER NFTs Revealed Friday 5pm UTC
  • MEME Staking Pool Opens Friday 15th 6pm UTC
  • Staking stays open until we announce closing window
  • More YOP staked = greater chance of winning FVCKRENDER NFT

YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol