YOP x DAO Maker Strategic Partnership

The last few days have been an exhilarating ride for the YOP team and community. Since our token genesis event, YOP’s token has surged over 2,500% and consistently trending DEXTools and CoinGecko. Although we’re excited by the DeFi community’s embrace of YOP, we now move into the next phase of growth through strategic partnerships. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to introduce our partnership with DAO Maker ($DAO), a leading DeFi protocol that brings venture capital to the masses.

YOP x DAO Maker

In many ways, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) make DeFi possible. They let users control governance, vote on proposals, and secure DeFi platforms. As a decentralized investment fund, DAO Maker embodies YOP’s mission of simplified, open finance.

YOP is a Yield Optimization Platform and Protocol: an all-in-one application that makes it easy for everyone to access yield markets. YOP gives you custody, insights and custom parameters all inside one single application. By implementing custom feature sets in our smart contracts, we provide more value to the user, network and YOP token. YOP is chain-agnostic and will focus on integrating DeFi protocols across seven blockchain networks including (but not limited to) Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana.

YOP Network Intergrations

With an established network of successful projects launched from the DAO Maker platform, YOP will now be in an even better position to collaborate with leading DeFi protocols. We have been working with DAO Maker for a while now and felt very positive synergies. Both teams are forward thinking and aligned in growing DeFi. YOP is also pleased to confirm that we will be entering the exclusive DAO Maker Reward Vault.

DAO Maker’s Reward Vault is the reward contract for $DAO stakers. Users earn monthly deposits from the company and the community votes on which assets the deposits should buy. In other words, DAO Maker lets its community determine the direction of its own communal portfolio and enables uncapped equity investments through a single, fiat-enabled platform.

DAO Maker Platform

As of today, DAO Maker’s incubated projects exceed USD $300 million in marketcap, an impressive 5,120% average ATH return on incubated projects. The community has also voted to buy up to $70,000 of an asset monthly on exchanges.

YOP is proud to be a part of DAO Maker’s ecosystem the first token to qualify for their community-deposit vote. Working with strong partners like DAO Maker will boost YOP’s stack of technology and bring better products to our users. You see YOP listed on DAO Maker here.

We look forward to revealing more great partnerships in the coming days and weeks.

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YOP — yOptimization Platform & Protocol

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