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We did it. After months of development, testing with ups and downs, YOP V0 is now live on the AppStore. An exciting and equally proud moment for the YOP team and community. The beginning of a new era for DeFi on the mobile. We would like to congratulate everyone who has supported YOP from idea inception to date. It has been a great journey and there is so much more to come.

Disclaimer: YOP V0 is a BETA version and we ask all app customers to back up the private key in a safe place before using. We also suggest engaging with V0 with precaution until it is replaced with the V1 launch. As the YOP app is non-custodial we cannot help with loss of funds and wallet recovery.

YOP is a yield optimization platform & protocol. All-in-one yOptimization application that makes it easy for everyone to access DeFi. Giving you control, custody, insights and flexibility directly in one single application. An industry first and built with passion, dedication and community support.

Lets take a quick look at YOP V0. What can you do today with the app and how you can support us growing the application to become a market leader. We appreciate all constructive feedback and will be running rewards for those who actively participate through development channels.

The five core product areas built into YOP V0 are; Market Data, Wallet, My YOP, SWAP & Yield. Reminder the YOP V0 app is a beta, hence why its named V0 and not V1. This is the first taster of what we are building in V1 which has made amazing progress already. Now that the basics are built, it will be easier to layer features into each tab. The 5 core tabs will remain as they are and we will update them with more product offering in subsequent versions.

Market Data

Setting up the first basics in Market Data. Access the latest token prices, add tokens to your watch list, see the simple line chart and TradingView chart (currently being updated to include more tools). Scroll through news and hop to Swap tab by hitting Swap. Custom token amount of holding, dates and custom news feed will follow before Smart Market Analysis product comes into play.


Ethereum based ERC20 token wallet. Hold and monitor your tokens from the YOP native wallet. Send/Receive using the QR code or copying address to clipboard. Custom GAS settings for transactions. Please do not store all your crypto in a mobile wallet. Always backup non-custodial wallets. We plan to add support for hardware wallets in future versions where you will be able to manage larger portfolios on the go.


The central dashboard. Setup a simple profile. See latest key prices and wallet balance. The default screen which will be the centre of all your YOP App action. The chat box has been delayed, we will announce soon as its live. Custom parameters and full portfolio management to come in next updates.


The YOP DEX allows you to swap between a wide variety of ERC20 tokens within the app. Accessing the wallet and without having to sign a separate transaction. If your swap fails, try higher GAS, if the market is moving miners tend to refuse a transaction at the set price. There will be more token lists coming and support for other chains within the same tab. The Launchpad tab sits inside the SWAP section. You can see how IDOs will be on offer with simple one touch access.


Where it all started. Yield. We have initially connected the Yearn vaults where you can deposit directly into the contracts via the YOP App. The YOP Vault is being added next and then others will follow. Direct access to Yield without having to use multiple apps for us was always a big deal. The foundations laid here and our logic built to interact with DeFi will be a big game changer. Again always backup your private key so incase you have any problems you can directly withdraw from a contract.

The V0 YOP App is now available on the Apple AppStore. Click here to download.

Download YOP V0 Now

Building is no easy task, but when it goes well its very satisfying. What might looks like a basic beta version of the YOP App has had a lot of hard work put into it. The journey to date has given us the foundation to now grow much bigger. Stay tuned for where YOP goes next as we continue to build V1, deliver more product into the apps, IDOs, NFTs, Gaming and more.

Big thanks to everyone once again and look forward to building and sharing more soon.

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