YOP V0 Launch: Lets Go

YOP V0 Launch

We have finally arrived at the widely anticipated launch of V0 - a breakthrough moment bringing together cutting edge technology wrapped in a beautiful user interface, taking DeFi mainstream. In this post we outline how we will gradually onboard customers to V0 during the launch process. Starting next week we will initiate the final countdown to YOP V0 going public. Before we embark on this momentous occasion we wanted to review the progress to date and give an insight to what you should expect in V0 and beyond.

YOP is a yield optimization platform & protocol. All-in-one yOptimization application that makes it easy for everyone to access DeFi. Giving you control, custody, insights and flexibility directly in one single application. An industry first and built with passion, dedication and community support.

What a journey it has been! In the 4 months since launch we have been developing non-stop, growing the YOP ecosystem, adding product lines and building the customer base to go with it. The achievements to date are something to be incredibly proud of, even during some very challenging moments. Overall the team has held together and collectively delivered non-stop, for which we are very grateful. We are keen to showcase that with a small cap of $533k we have punched above our weight and are now primed for big growth. We are also very proud of our community that has supported us all the way and hope to continue growing with us.

Strong Network of Partnerships
  • Over 30 Partnerships Announced
  • V0 Product Built from scratch
  • Over $3m liquidity across multiple platforms
  • First to announce Launchpad Aggregator for IDOs
  • First to offer NFT IDO tiers
  • Exclusive NFTs by FVCKRENDER
  • Bridge to Binance Smart Chain opened
  • Over $150,000,000 Volume for $YOP
  • YOP Vault Built & Deployed
  • Survived $5m Heist
  • YOPuzzle Engaging Community
  • High Social Media Engagement
  • Over 50% Circulating Supply Staked
YOP V0 ⚡️

As you can see we have been very busy at YOP. We have marched through the ups and downs, and are now close to reaching the promised land. We are extremely excited to bring you V0 which will give a taster into what is yet to come from this dynamic and forward thinking project. We are literally just getting started and laying the foundations for the bigger picture. As DeFi continues to grow exponentially, YOP is primed to capture a significant market share where customers want easier access with added benefits. The YOP++ style offering.

YOP operates in multiple verticals giving us a huge competitive advantage over similarly placed products who generally only offer single stack solutions. Our product growth has been carefully planned to complement all tracks and keep in line with our core ethos. The bonus to the community of having multiple verticals is you have more value creation within the project and broader audience boosting growth. So, now that we have highlighted the YOP positioning lets move to V0.

The YOP V0 app launch will run in phases. From next week we will invite testers to download the app and then gradually phase into public access. This process allows us to catch any final bugs and allow the final review to process through the AppStore to complete. The AppStore review time is not known and could be approved in a few hours or take a few days, sometimes even longer. As this is the first app we are deploying there could be unexpected delays outside of our control, so the phased launch will allow us to gradually onboard more customers and push updates while we await final approval. All customers will have access to their own private key to backup the wallet. We are really excited to share the app with the community as it truly is a cutting edge first!

V0 Starts Tuesday 4th May 2021 4pm UTC

YOP V0 will run as a Beta until we replace it with V1. YOP V0 will host the primary functions of the 5 core products we have built the ecosystem around. This lays the core infrastructure to then build and layer additional product.

  • Market Data: Primary data access of token pricing, charts and key metrics. News feeds and watch lists.
  • Wallet: Native non-custodial wallet with simple private key export initially supporting Ethereum ERC20 tokens.
  • Dashboard: Overview and profile. Customise and share.
  • SWAPs: Instant low fee token swap using aggregator.
  • Yield: Simple access to DeFi markets for staking and yield generation.

We believe there is no direct competitor to YOP. The chart below highlights the breadth and scope of our product offering. With enormous potential to rapidly grow using a multi-vertical approach, you decide for yourself….

YOP Competitor Feature Analysis

The first version will run on iOS and we will subsequently introduce Android, Web and Tablet support. Focusing on the single platform for V0 allowed us to test in a more focused environment but our goal has always been to accommodate a wider audience with a cross platform service.

We believe what we have built within our small budget is truly a remarkable achievement. Projects have raised 5x more capital and had 2x more time yet still have not achieved as much. We are confident as we launch V0 and continue to build, YOP will truly shine and become a leading DeFi platform.

YOP V0 comes to market with the base infrastructure that will now allow us to continuously deploy more features. Our approach to development is layering onto a solid foundation. Once the basics are working well it is easier to then integrate other features. We have a huge lineup of partner integrations awaiting to be plugged into the app too. Some of the key updates to follow will provide:

  • IDO Access
  • Fiat On Ramp
  • NFT Access Point
  • Enhanced Portfolio and Market Data
  • Additional Yield Contracts
  • Multi Asset Staking & ETH PoS

V0 countdown will start next week with the opening of a web form for early testers to sign up and download the app. The actual launch date chosen is a meaningful one for us. First to guess why wins 88 $YOP.

We are excited to bring you a market first product that will truly redefine interaction with DeFi, NFTs, IDOs and the wider Digital Asset marketplace. This only the beginning of our journey and we look forward to bringing you ground breaking innovative products.

A huge thanks to all our community for the endless support. We are going places, all aboard the YOP rocket. Let the shake up begin! 🚀

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