YOP Hit $1M in TVL and Other Product Updates

The past seven days were quite eventful for all of us. It is so nice to have you, our community and be able to share our regular accomplishments with you.

Here is a quick recap on what was happening around YOP last week:

👉 YOP hit $1M in TVL


This is proof that we have a product that is easy to use and that we have the most awesome community out there. Our mission is firm — to present the simplest DeFi interface, that even parents can use.

Shall we go for $2M now? 😁

👉 YOP is going cross-chain

Several options are being considered and we need your help to decide which chain we should launch on next.

Send us your thoughts in Discord.

👉 Some YouTube buzz about YOP

Crypto Cowboy did an interview with Dave, our YOP COO. Dave was charming, as usual, but we believe he’s taken.

He spoke about why YOP is not your everyday DeFi tool and why on earth we are so confident in our growth potentials amid a market storm.

More YouTube interviews are lined up soon alongside lots of AMAs. Yeehaw again 😊

👉 YOP launched a Bug Bounty drive

We want to make YOP as secure and transparent as possible.

We launched our first Bug Bounty program in collaboration with Immunefi and $100,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs.

Hop on and use your shadowy coding skills for good while earning some good bucks.

👉 YOP token performance

Looks like our YOP token is gearing up for some action and the best part is that it is currently outperforming blue-chip crypto such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

We expect this trend to continue — the more the TVL, the higher the demand for $YOP tokens as a pure utility.

✔️ Action steps

Unless you are planning to sell your crypto at a loss, it makes a lot of sense to deposit it in our BTC, ETH or stables Vault and earn fantastic yields. The weather outside is crazy, so why not?

Here is how APYs across our vaults look like at the time of writing this:

- ETH Genesis: 13–90%
- BTC Genesis: 15–142%
- DAI Genesis: 26–174%
- USDT Genesis: 23–135%
- USDC Genesis 24–151%

Why don’t you pluck some of these fantastic APYs? Here are the recommended next steps:

— Head onto app.yop.finance

— Choose your appropriate vault and click ‘Deposit’

— Sign the necessary Metamask approvals

— Sit back and watch your crypto grow

This is all we had lined up for the past week with lots more happening this week.

More YOP to you!

— Team YOP



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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol