YOP Finance Referral Scheme

A recommendation from someone you trust holds far more weight than that of a stranger or some random advertising. The fact that this trusted person thought to share something with you shows that you might have an appreciation for what they are telling you, that you might have a common interest, or that you may somehow benefit from the information they are bestowing upon you.

It is to this end that we are launching the YOP Finance Referral Scheme. We know a lot of you have already been telling friends and family about the great opportunity that YOP Finance provides. How we provide a trusted and transparent service, coming from a doxxed team, always holding itself to the highest ethical standards (and did we mention the amazing APY we provide too?). Like I said, we know you have been doing this, and we thank you for it. Now we want to reward you for this and incentivise you and others to continue spreading the great news about YOP Finance. We know that talking to people about crypto and DeFi in the middle of a crypto winter can be hard work (heck it can be hard enough when things are booming), so we want to reward you for continuing to do it. For continuing to explain to your friends why bitcoin has value, why Proof of Stake will help solve the blockchain energy problems, why web3 will help us take back control of our data, and most importantly why YOP Finance can give you great APY on your crypto and how this APY can be significantly boosted by staking $YOP tokens in the YOP Finance LockBox!

We are still finetuning the details, but our current proposal is to reward both the referrer and the referee, each with $50 $USDC when the referee stakes a minimum of $250 of $YOP tokens for at least 6 months. The reward would be instant, there would be no waiting for weeks to see this reward arrive.

As a final thought for those of you taking up this offer, although prices in the market are surprisingly stable right now (well compared to the pound anyway), please take into account potential slippage in the price when purchasing $YOP. Buying exactly $250 would be risky as the price could change, best to add a buffer.

Dave Burrells — YOP Finance COO



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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol