YOP Finance — RainbowKit Wallet Connector Release Notes

A key pillar of YOP Finance is ease-of-use.

Something we have noticed since we went live with the YOP Finance app earlier this year, is the significant growth in mobile use of YOP Finance.

We have been speaking with our users about the pain caused by general wallet UX and have acted. Welcome to the RainbowKit wallet connector that has gone live in YOP Finance, today!

Please see below for the release notes.

  1. RainbowKit gives the user the ability to connect to multiple wallets, including Metamask, WalletConnect, Rainbow, Trust wallet, Ledger Live and others
  2. The new connect button also shows your $ETH balance to help you manage your gas fees
  3. This feature will also show your ENS name if you have one configured to your connected wallet
  4. If connected to the wrong network, RainbowKit will prompt you to switch to the correct one
  5. The major benefit of this upgrade is for mobile users. Previously, we had users experience problems connecting to MetaMask on their mobile, particularly on iOS. RainbowKit gives users a seamless experience on Android and iOS browsers



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