YOP Finance — Free Gas Terms

As part of the Vault Cap removal* that is happening on Monday 8th August, we want to take away your $ETH Gas pain, so you can take advantage. Below sets out how to qualify for the Free Gas (Gas Refund):

When: From 12:01am UTC on Monday 8th August 2022

What: Up to $80 will be reimbursed for gas fees paid to deposit in the YOP Finance Vault and YOP Staking ($80 total, not per transaction)

How to Qualify: Deposit a minimum of $1,000 into any Vault, AND stake a minimum of $1,000 of $YOP Tokens into the LockBox for a minimum 12-month period

Who Qualifies: All new wallets i.e. any wallet that is not already connected to the YOP Finance platform

How to Claim your Gas Refund: Once you have made the deposits, send us the details (email dave@plutodigital.com) of your transactions from https://etherscan.io/, we will review and then refund the Gas back to the wallet you made the transactions from. The refund will be made in stablecoins.

This is open to the first 100 new wallets that complete the above


1. If you do not fulfil all of the above criteria, your Gas will not be refunded

2. The $1,000 amounts for the Vaults and Staking will be valued at the time of the deposits (as shown on Etherscan). Therefore, if the price goes down after the fact, you will still qualify. If the price at point of deposit is below this threshold but subsequently rises above the threshold, this will not qualify

*More details on the Vault Cap Removal will be coming next week



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