YOP Diplomat Rewards Live

We are excited to announce that the YOP Diplomat Reward Plan is now live. You can earn $YOP directly from supporting the project. This can be a simple tweet or a in-depth video about YOP. Each content or post will be reviewed by the leading ambassadors and admin team. Consistent quality will be rewarded at the end of each month starting with May 2021.

As we prepare for YOP V0 Launch this is a great time to get more involved with the project.

YOP Diplomats are ambassadors of the YOP project and it’s your responsibility to share news about YOP to your network. This is a voluntary service that community members can take up to support the project and will be rewarded with $YOP. Each submission via the YOP website will be reviewed case by case.

Submit your contributions here: https://yop.finance/diplomat/


  • Share latest news about YOP
  • Educate crypto community about YOP benefits
  • Counter mis-information with facts
  • Engage in healthy dialogue about the technology
  • Grow YOP support network


Prior to embarking on the YOP Diplomat service you are required to have good knowledge of the project. This means reading the whitepaper, deck and related documents.

You should not engage in any abusive or foul language when discussing the YOP project. Refrain from debating or talking down other projects. Stay updated with all the latest YOP developments and share in a timely manner. Share content from the official YOP channels across socials. When engaging in forums and threads do not go off topic to interject with YOP.

The YOP admins will allow you to co-ordinate together for more effective process by connecting in a group chat. Sharing ideas and posts can be helpful to others and inspire better activity.

You can make videos, posters, infographics, MEMEs, GIFs, NFTs, articles and whatever you believe will be of value to share with the crypto community.


As you progress in the Diplomat Plan you can achieve higher ranks and earn more $YOP. These reviews will be conducted by existing members and admins. Gold, Silver and Bronze levels allow you to accelerate YOP earnings. Consistency is the key to unlock higher levels of Diplomat status. The first steps are to post via the Diplomat page and the admins will reach out. Remember that no YOP admin will ever ask you for your wallet keys, funds or access to your personal data.

Good Luck!



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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol