YOP Diplomat DAO

Community Rewards to Earn $YOP

YOP is a community driven project and to keep our community vibrant and rewarded we are launching the YOP Diplomat DAO. The YOPdd (Diplomat DAO) will have ongoing competitions, community bounty programmes and lots of exciting ways members can earn $YOP. There are 3 levels for YOPdd, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each level unlocks different rewards depending on the task.

The primary goal is to promote a positive image for YOP through informative conversation and media.

  • Creating Infographics
  • MEMEs, GIFs and engaging content
  • Sharing on high follower accounts
  • Creating Content on their profiles to promote the project
  • Opening discussion for partnerships
  • Promoting YOP in the crypto space
  • Promoting YOP to external sectors

To enter the YOP Diplomat DAO you need to have comprehensive knowledge of YOP. We will be opening the YOPdd whitelist shortly after TGE and then start to select Diplomats. As a YOP Diplomat you must be Diplomatic about how you promote and share YOP content. You should engage with other communities and have a healthy discussion about how YOP compares, what are the positives/negatives of both. We also welcome feedback that the Diplomats receive that can be relayed to the YOP team.

To get started the YOP Rewards for the Diplomat DAO will be distributed by the core team and approved by verifying tasks that have been done. Then we will slowly move to establish the full Diplomat DAO, where the community control a portion of the $YOP tokens to distribute amongst Diplomats. This will be governed by the $YOP token and Diplomats can be promoted and demoted through the committee. We believe this will create a transparent and active Diplomat DAO. Allowing YOP to grow and more people to benefit directly and indirectly.

To initiate the process of the YOP Diplomat DAO, leading up to the Uniswap listing we will have our first competition. This will allow us to review and select the first few Diplomats that will shape the programme together. So you are not just competing for $YOP reward, but also a seat at the table to shape how YOP drives its community engagement. The first reward pool will be split amongst 4 winners who will become Gold Diplomat DAO members.

For the first competition all you need to do is make yourself heard! We are watching and monitoring the community. So who wants to EARN $YOP and shape the YOP Diplomat DAO? Smash those MEMEs out, GIFs, Tweets, Shares, Likes, Shoutouts, Comments and tell the world about YOP.

The official hashtag for this competition is #YOPDAOLaunch. Make sure you tag the posts everywhere.

We are coming to you crypto community! You ready for YOP?

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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol