YOP Development update — June 2022

Great products and great companies arise out of bear markets and the dev team at YOP has been busy making YOP ready for the next bull.

Here is a dive into the exciting stuff happening under the hood:

👉 YOP’s Public debut

We hit our public launch milestone on May 4th (be with you!). This release signifies the culmination of over nine months of work from Whitepaper and Tokenomics, website relaunch, audits, private Dapp launch, more audits and finally, we have a public app in the market.

👉 The Boost functionality

One of the big new features included in YOP’s Public launch has been the Boost functionality, which allows you to get sky high APYs of up to 65% by “boosting” your Vault deposits by locking using YOP tokens. You can check it out for yourself on https://app.yop.finance/boost

👉 Vault analytics

We have also been hard at work adding more transparency to the protocol in the form of Dune Analytics dashboards. These dashboards provide a wealth of information about the internals of the protocol and are the same ones we use internally to keep an eye on everything. We currently have an overview dashboard and dedicated dashboards for Vaults and Staking, with a strategy focused dashboard coming soon.

You can find all these dashboards here on Dune Analytics: https://dune.com/yopfi.

You can also get a quick walkthrough of these dashboards on our most recent AMA here.

👉 The Buy YOP widget

Most recently, we have released the “Buy YOP” functionality which allows you to exchange any token in your wallet for YOP Tokens (or any other token) using the built in Uniswap widget. This widget is in the process of being integrated into all the flows where YOP tokens are required in the protocol (e.g. staking & boosting), so that users can have a seamless flow, even if they do not have enough YOP on hand for the action they want to perform.

There have also been improvements to the My YOP section of the Dapp with more information being provided on vault deposits.

In terms of next steps, we have a lot of features that we are currently reviewing, prioritising, assessing and building.

This appears a prolonged bear which is why we are looking at what functionality brings the greatest value to the current YOP community and the crypto community at large. We are just back from two days of face-to-face planning and are still sorting through everything that was discussed, ready to fight the good fight.

More YOP to you 😊



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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol