YOP Development Update

There is a lot happening with YOP development right now. We are getting ever closer to the private launch and there is a whole bunch of work happening across the Smart Contracts, Backend & Frontend Development as well as Deployment & Configuration Management and System Reliability.

As a part of our open communication practices, we would like to offer insights into our progress with regular development updates.

Let’s get started.

Smart Contract Audits

We’re working with some of the leading names for smart contract audits, including Hacken and BTblock. The smart contract auditing is in progress as per our schedule. The smart contracts are still under review by Hacken and BTblock. We have been been in regular communication with the auditors during the process, and so far, they haven’t found any major issues with the contracts. We have already received some feedback on a few minor issues which we are already working on and we are expecting to receive the preliminary reports from them by the end of this week. As soon as we have these reports in, we will address any other issues they found and get the updates back for review as quickly as we can.

YOP Backend

Most of the backend development work is completed and it is now integrated with the front end. Some of the key developments include:

  • We have built APIs to allow the front end to query vaults information, token information, wallet information and stakes information.
  • We have also made some performance improvements to the backend to dramatically reduce the query time for the APIs for better user experience.
  • We are continuing the testing and integration of the backend APIs with the frontend app.


Now that most of the backend is integrated with the frontend, we are on the home stretch! Our current frontend developments include:

  • The UI designs have been polished and feedback applied. User flows have been discussed, documented and designed. We are now implementing the remaining User Interface elements as per the designs and trying to enhance the user experience at every opportunity. We are aiming to wrap up UI coding within the next week.
  • Following this we will be doing more focused and extensive testing and applying any changes resulting from internal feedback. The staking UI is really shaping up and we are excited to get it out into your hands.

Deployment & Configuration Management

We have finalised the deployment model for the YOP contracts.

  • Our deployer will deploy contracts with basic configuration and in a paused state. Automated pipelines create proposed configurations, which are sent to Governance Multisig (Gnosis Safe) for review before going live. The team has completed a full integration with Gnosis API’s to provide safe creation, a proposal of transactions (single & batch) and end to end contract upgrades.
  • We are also going to be using a mix of different hardware wallets to protect the private keys of the multisig signers.


We aim to ensure that the YOP App is as reliable and robust as possible. With this in mind, we are busy making sure that things like Monitoring & Alerting, On-Call Rotations and Response Processes are finalised in advance of the private launch. We are now starting work on creating all the required Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) needed for launch. This is to allow us to share “tribal” knowledge and ensure the teams has all the information they need right when they need it.

There is still plenty to do before the private launch date, but we are well on track and really excited by how the platform is shaping up. We’re really looking forward to getting it onto your hands and getting all your feedback. Remember to join us in the NFT Holders lounge in discord to get exclusive access to the team during the private launch. For full details check out this post: https://medium.com/yop-finance/your-need-to-know-on-yop-nfts-57d036e805f8



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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol