$YOP Demand Surges: Kiyo Capital Launches OTC for Institutional Investors & HNWI

Following the successful launch of our token, YOP has received an overwhelming amount of interest from institutional investors, who would like to participate in the YOP ecosystem by holding $YOP. Uniswap simply doesn’t fit for some larger investors and high-net-worth individuals who prefer OTC trades, and we want to make sure that these parties can also take part in our mission to make YOP the most robust and convenient all-in-one DeFi platform. Moreover, we understand the need to continue introducing fresh capital, find new partnership opportunities, and keep YOP closely aligned with the traditional financial markets.

YOP x KIYO Capital

With that being said, we are pleased to announce that we have formally engaged Kiyo Capital as our OTC trading partner. Our partnership with Pires Investments PLC has led to many inquiries from investors and asset managers in the traditional finance space, and we understand the importance of finding a channel partner to facilitate these interactions. As a regulated financial services firm based in London, Kiyo will be responsible for over the counter trades satisfying existing demand from institutional and professional investors.

Kiyo Capital launched at the beginning of 2020 with the aim of investing and facilitating investments in the technology sector. They currently serve as an advisor to Argo Blockchain PLC (LSE.ARB), a $400 million market cap Bitcoin mining firm. Kiyo’s founder Hewie Rattray has previously an early investor and adviser for multiple projects in the crypto sector. Prior to launching Kiyo, Hewie was part of the Smaller Company Capital team in 2016 that incubated and launched KR1 PLC, Europe’s leading digital asset investment company.

YOP is a Yield Optimization Platform and Protocol: an all-in-one application that makes it easy for everyone to access yield markets. YOP gives you custody, insights and custom parameters all inside one single application. yPlatform gives access to a variety of DeFi tools, and yProtocol optimizes yield from smart contracts and pools — all powered by the $YOP token.

Our partnership with Kiyo is yet another big step forward, but we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more partnership updates in the coming days and weeks!

All OTC enquiries should be directed to: yop@kiyocapital.com

Kiyo Capital will provide such services within the boundaries of FCA permissions on crypto asset transactions, they will not advise on transactions or provide escrow or custody services.

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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol