YOP Community Meeting

Introducing the YOP community meeting. We will be hosting a community meeting where everyone is welcome to join the Zoom call and have a live discussion with the Founder of YOP.

The first call is scheduled for 2pm UTC Friday 17th March 2021. The link for the call will be shared in the YOP Telegram chat just prior to the call. The first call will introduce the Community Meeting structure and then go through the following agenda:

  • Development Update
  • App Launch
  • MEME Staking and NFTs
  • IDO Market Place
  • YOP Governance

The call will be lead by Atif Yaqub, Founder of YOP and also supported by the YOP admin team. There will be an open dialogue and live questions on the call. We will endeavour to give sufficient time for everyone to have a say but time is restricted to 1 hour. You can welcome to join the call with video or without. We will also monitor the chat for questions.

We call on members community who are active and want to support the ongoing success of YOP to participate. Maybe there will be some rewards too…

See you all on the call!

YOP Socials

Twitter @YOPfi

Telegram @YOPfi

LinkedIn @YOPfi

Website yop.finance




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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol