YOP Appoints Pello Capital Taking DeFi Mainstream

YOP Appoints Pello Capital As Corporate Advisor

Marking another milestone along the road to our V0 launch, YOP is proud to announce another partnership with a leader in the traditional financial markets. Today we are thrilled to report that we will be working closely with Pello Capital, who will act as Corporate Advisor to YOP as we pursue strategic relationships in the Global Financial Markets.

YOP is a Yield Optimization Platform and Protocol: an all-in-one application that makes it easy for users of any level to access DeFi yield markets. YOP provides token custody, market insights and custom parameters all in one single app. Bringing DeFi to the masses through a leading platform & protocol.

By implementing custom feature sets in our smart contracts, we provide more value to users, our network and the YOP token. YOP is chain-agnostic and will focus on integrating DeFi protocols across several blockchain networks including (but not limited to) Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana.

Formerly known as Cornhill Capital, Pello Capital was founded in 2004 as a private client stockbroking firm and is now a specialist leading independent brokerage. Pello offers a variety of investment products for institutional, corporate and high net worth investors as well as digital wealth management tools and real time notifications of the latest investment opportunities.

As a financial institute and fintech company, Pello’s relationship with leading investment houses and financial institutions allows it to access investments that are often out of reach to private investors, making it a perfect partner for YOP and its base of digitally native users.

Reaching new markets and greater liquidity

YOP and Pello are both dynamic organizations with strongly aligned goals, principles and practices, the most important being the provision of a market-leading, fully differentiated service to our respective customers.

As we work together, YOP and Pello will explore ways to bridge the gap between traditional financial markets and the token economy: an essential task in order to bring mainstream investors into the fast-moving world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (aka DeFi). Specifically, we will be exploring avenues to create more liquidity that can flow between both markets.

Pello will aid YOP in expanding its offering into traditional markets through its vast network of institutional and corporate investors within the City of London: Europe’s financial hub and the world’s second-largest financial center. With Pello’s experience of taking leading companies to market we see this partnerships as core component of our growth strategy.

The experience and expertise Pello boasts as a stockbroker has led it to become one of the fastest growing retail investment communities in the UK, transacting over £1.5 billion in investments in 2020 alone.

Pello’s reputation has also significantly boosted the share price of company’s who have appointed the firm as their lead broker, including Wildcat Petroleum (LON:WCAT), whose shares rose 24% to 0.775p after naming Pello Capital as its broker in January.

This partnership is just one of many that YOP is revealing as we progress towards V0 launch, including alliances with premier projects within the token economy. Our partnership with Pello is an evolution of this process, underlining YOP’s mission to bring DeFi into the mainstream.

Working with strong partners will ultimately allow YOP to bring better products to our users and we look forward to revealing more great partnerships.

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