Upcoming AMA and YOP Discord Server

Hi YOP crew!

Following on from the launch of the YOP 2.0 Roadmap last week, we want to give you all an update on the upcoming AMA that is happening in a couple of weeks. The exact date is yet to be confirmed but we are planning it for the week commencing Monday 29th November.

As you will see in the pinned messages in the YOP channel, we have created a Google form (https://forms.gle/CLG6JzRADvHZ5DAh7) where you can add questions in advance of the AMA, but we will also be taking questions on the day, as this will be LIVE! We have created this Google form to allow people to ask questions, even if they are unable to turn up to the live AMA.

We want the focus of this AMA to be very much forward looking. Now we have released the roadmap, I am sure this has raised a lot of questions. We will disclose as much as we can but as the YOP whitepaper is still under review, we will not be able to reveal everything. I know there have been questions raised about why we are doing these legal reviews when we are working in an unregulated, decentralised industry. We did answer these questions in the YOP Telegram channel when they were raised, but we are happy to discuss these further with you, so you understand why we are taking these measures.

As mentioned in the last Medium post, we are creating a new YOP Discord server. This is where we will be holding this AMA. We are creating this Discord server as we believe YOP needs a presence in as many places as possible and we shouldn’t be limiting ourselves to Telegram. The Telegram groups are not going anywhere, Discord is simply an addition to the growing YOP footprint. Think of it as one small step for YOP but a giant leap for our YOP community!

#yoptothemoon #poweredbypluto 🚀🚀🚀