Onwards: YOP General Update

YOP Update

Firstly we would like to thank everyone for the feedback and positive reception from YOP V0 launch. As we mentioned this is just the beginning of our journey and we are really excited about V1. Today we would like to update the community on the road ahead and generally what has been going on at YOP HQ. In no particular order we will also answer some common community questions.

YOP is a yield optimization platform & protocol. All-in-one yOptimization application that makes it easy for everyone to access DeFi. Giving you control, custody, insights and flexibility directly in one single application. An industry first and built with passion, dedication and community support. YOP V0 went live on 18th May as an early Beta while V1 is built out.

Growing YOP: V1

As the YOP team is hard at work to build V1, we still have significant resource working on V0 updates, but the biggest focus now is for V1 to be a hit from day one. This means ensuring we build the best DeFi mobile app ever. Our mission has always been to take on challenges that customers face engaging DeFi. Along that journey and through developing V0 we have also learnt a lot more about the technology we are engaging and how it shapes the customer experience. There are many challenges we collectively face as an industry, many of which we want to address and solve with the YOP App. It would be amazing if we could take on every single pain-point but that is not realistic. What we do intend to do is bring in more partners so that together we can improve the overall customer experience at scale. This will allow us to integrate partner products and provide more scope for YOP customers.

In the weeks ahead there will be many changes at YOP. Growing the team, bringing in new partners and strengthening the product offering. During this time you might notice less front end promotional activity but behind the scenes development will continue. We are looking to add more resources for the YOP team so we can ramp up marketing, partnerships and preparations for V1 launch. The timeline for this is dependent on some external factors which we look forward to share more on in the near future.

YOP Trimera

The Wen IDO, NFT, Rewards...

Some of the common questions currently asked by the community are around the IDO integration, Android support for the app, FVCKRENDER NFT and others. Lets go through some of those. We are building a robust IDO platform to access multiple launchpads cross-chain and YOP Exclusive pools. In our research we have found that many launchpads have bought low quality projects to market in a rush to provide allocations to communities. This is bad for the longer term growth of the industry and drags down hard working quality projects. So we are working hard on getting the best projects that bring value to the industry and participants. The YOP Launchpad aggregator will cut things different and we will put in filters and scoring systems to ensure better quality for participants. In terms of development and launch we are still a while out but as we reach completion we will publish more on this.

The YOP NFT on-chain prize draw is ready to go. We are now just waiting to mint the final FVCKRENDER NFTs so we can a date for the draw and distribute the FVCKRENDER NFTs to winners. Beyond the NFT prize draw we are still working on adding in more utility for the various YOP NFT ranks. These will allow individuals to stake, earn rewards, access partner plans and more. We really believe that NFTs have a lot more functions that digital art and are working on a few nice features to add into V1.

Another big focus area we have discovered which is critical to the overall growth of YOP and the wider industry is the handling of wallet keys. Currently a few projects have demonstrated that social recovery can be a good way to navigate through this complexity of handling private keys. This is a great start but does not cover all problems. One area we are very keen to work on is air-gap hardware devices that can secure crypto assets to use on the mobile app. This way the customer retains complete control of funds in a highly secure manor. There is a lot of R&D going into the way customers handle crypto. This is a critical piece to onboard millions of customer into YOP, making it easier for everyone to access DeFi.

YOP Ecosystem

We have decided to set the snapshot for the strong holder reward to Wednesday 14th April 12pm UTC to 17th April 12pm UTC. All YOP holders that held tokens during this difficult time for the project will have the chance to claim a reward. Once the on-chain snapshot data has been collected and processed we will announce it and open up a webform for the claim. In terms of the write up, as the long as any investigation is running we cannot publicly provide details. This would be disruptive to the case workers and authorities. As and when this clears we can share more. We appreciate all the support our community has provided and look forward to sharing the reward. Once we publish the form to claim the details of reward amount will be listed.

We have also planned another video call live AMA to take questions and discuss progress to date, future plans and community feedback. Stay tuned for the announcement to participate.


The next few weeks we look forward to sharing more updates as we position YOP for the next major sprint. We have identified that the YOP product has huge potential and are working closely with some partners to help us grow even faster. Some of these processes may take time but we are working for the best interest of YOP and the longer term growth to build the best product.

Once again we thank all the community and look forward to sharing exciting updates about YOP soon.

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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol