Maximising Your YOP NFTs

When Pluto Digital took over the YOP project, a lot of people wanted to know what we were doing with the YOP NFTs. We have recognised the need to ensure the YOP community receives value for the efforts that went into your acquisition of the YOP NFTs, and to that end we want to share some plans for the YOP NFTs as we move forward.

To start with, the holders of the YOP NFTs will be granted access to the private launch of the new YOP 2.0 platform! This will be an early launch of the platform, in advance of the public launch. There will be no differentiation between the NFTs for this launch. The reason for this is principally because we want as many people as possible to be involved in this phase. We also want to ensure that the early adopters benefit from the reduced number of users, and therefore benefit from the increased yield per user the reduced numbers will bring. There will be no cut off as to when you obtained your NFT, and you can even acquire a YOP NFT, during the private launch phase to take part. The NFTs can be obtained on secondary markets such as OpenSea.

Following the public launch of YOP 2.0, we want to ensure that these NFTs continue to have value, so we will continue to look for ways to keep adding benefits. Post the public launch, we plan to start differentiating benefits across the different NFTs, so the rarer the NFT, the greater the benefits. These benefits will include things such as:

  • Early access to a vault so the holders can benefit from the reduced number of users and increased yield (similar to the private launch)
  • Access to vaults with boosted yield
  • Private vaults with premium strategies that will only ever allow specific NFT holders in

As we have said before, YOP is the community. Even before YOP becomes a DAO we want to ensure your involvement and give you a voice. If you have any ideas or suggestions as to how we can add further benefits to your YOP NFTs, we are always happy to hear them!

#yoptothemoon #poweredbypluto 🚀🚀🚀




YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol

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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol

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