Landing in YOP Finance

With YOP Finance, we are creating a product that does not over complicate DeFi. We have created an easy-to-use product that does not cause the user stress or confusion, a product that is lean and straight forward.

As we move this product forward, there are opportunities to add more depth without creating confusion. One of these areas is the creation of a Landing Page. Currently when you navigate to the YOP Finance app, you are taken to the Vaults page. This is fine for an experienced user, but a new user might be confused about where they have ended up after navigating to the main app URL

To this end we have decided to add a Landing Page into the app, which will be the first place you are taken to when accessing YOP Finance. The Landing Page will provide an overview of the key statistics such as, the Vault and Staking details and will also contain key information on topics including, security and documentation. We believe that surfacing key data points like TVL, Vault distribution, Staking KPIs, etc… will provide a more transparent and comprehensive experience for the end user. Having this information in-app rather than on separate websites, will also improve app stickiness.

We will be using the Landing Page to surface some of the YOP Finance how-to videos we have, such as How to use the YOP Finance platform, and How to Buy $YOP. We will also use this page to highlight key strategic partnerships and details on all our smart contract audits.

There is also an opportunity here to further integrate the YOP Finance platform with the YOP Finance socials. We have the socials links on the bottom left of the app however, adding elements such as recent social posts, so you can view these items without having to click away from the page, will provide greater ease of use and depth to the YOP Finance ecosystem.

As previously mentioned, the Landing Page is a feature we are actively working on, so we hope to have some early examples and mock-ups of Landing Page for you to view soon.

Watch this space.



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