DeFi Roadblocks: Poor UX and Lack of Multi-Network Inclusion

We have had some fantastic protocol and network development in the crypto space over the past few years. However, several issues are hampering broader adoption. User experience is complicated and unfriendly. There is too much unnecessary use of tech jargon. Not enough products are built to work across different blockchains. We believe that there’s a clear market opportunity for a beautifully designed app to bring cross network products together allowing the masses to experience the best of crypto.

Brief background: reaching critical mass

I’m not going to bore you with the history of crypto, DeFi and how we got to where we are today. In short, the 2017 ICO wave largely established that crowdfunding and token economics work, to the benefit of good and bad actors, unfortunately. Fungible or non-fungible, the token economy is here to stay. Earlier this year, research from Andreessen Horowitz introduced a concept of the crypto price-innovation cycle. As prices appreciate, they bring more development activity and users into the space. These “hypercycles” accelerate development of DeTech (decentralised technology) and migrate key product lines from traditional fields. Cycle after cycle, we end up with a more established market, more extensive user base and more products that can actually have real-world impact.

Networks have continued to develop and improve infrastructure over the years, almost reaching a point where they can genuinely scale and have the capacity to run “killer apps”. We have token economics and decentralised finance. Yes, not all the products we see today like triple-digit farming yields or the overvalued coin offerings are sustainable. They are not the end product, either. We believe that behind all the hype, we have finally reached the critical mass and can now bring decentralised, digital products to more users than we have ever imagined before.

Crypto’s user experience problem

We believe that crypto has a major user experience problem. Customer products are just not built to the wider tech industry standards. Think Uber, AirBnb, Tesla, Google etc. How can we onboard millions of new users when there’s still so much friction in UX/UI. If you have ever interacted with crypto products, you are aware that they are not the most user friendly. They have complex interfaces and lots of jargon. They are slow and clunky. Add in additional layers of product (DeFi) and you are in real trouble.

During the years of our involvement in crypto, we have always searched for a project that would make it easier for everyone to engage with all the great DeTech applications. Even after large acquisitions of CMC $400m and BlockFolio $150m, front end product development is far from optimal. As we continually researched the market, we have concluded that now is a great time to build an appealing, beautifully designed product for the masses. In fact, we have set out to build a platform that seamlessly integrates multiple blockchain networks & products, and places them into the palm of your hand. A platform made uniquely for the people using it.

Introducing YOP, the “All-in-one Mobile yOptimisation App”

It’s here that we would like to introduce YOP, a Yield Optimisation Platform. Not just yield farming, but optimal yield for your entire digital asset exposure. Designed to make it easier for all users to interact with the leading crypto products. Everyone wants and claims to be the best, but we are setting out an achievable roadmap. YOP is building the absolute best product, which we firmly believe is attainable with our team. Engaging the latest trends in UX. We have a carefully thought out vision that will allow us to capture a large market share of mobile users.

One of the early YOP app mockups

When we say users, we mean people, everyone who has or might have an interest in crypto. At YOP, people are the key influencers in designing the way the platform offers its experience. We want the people, the community, to be engaged and come with us on this journey to build YOP. After all, let’s not forget the underlying premise of decentralised ecosystems. We all believe that it is essential to create products that democratise and re-balance power.

Let us tell you a little bit more about the app. YOP is a premium mobile application (web & tablet integration to follow) that, at its core, focuses on the best UX/UI, while collating the best product offerings from across the crypto ecosystem. We plan to introduce 5 key areas in our initial mobile app for iOS & Android. They are:

  • Farmers Market;
  • Swap Dex;
  • Wallet;
  • Smart Market Data, and
  • My YOP: personalised dashboard.

The app is not limited to these areas, but we believe it is a good base to start from. Our broader vision for the app is to become the go-to front end solution for all the brilliant products and protocols.

Blockchain engineers and smart contract wiz kids are great at developing fantastic technology, but lack resources to create user experiences necessary to onboard masses. Don’t get me wrong, smart contracts that return high yields, automate market making and offer liquidity mining are great. But only for those who understand or want to wrap their mind & tokens around structures of pools; (yc)DAI+yUSDC+(y)BUSD. Not just that. Crypto users then have to be brave enough to authorise a wallet multiple times, pool tokens and then gulp when they vanish from your wallet. Only later to realise they are in another pool, generating rewards.

Unfortunately, the average person outside of the crypto space doesn’t have time or bandwidth to understand how any of these DeFi products work. Same goes for a lot of other great products in our space.

YOP Roadmap

So what’s our vision for YOP? We plan to integrate leading products from Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance, EOS, Solana, NEAR, NEO and others. This can be in the form of $YFI, $XOR, $SRM, $FLM and many more. Our role at YOP is to build a simple, elegant digital experience and grow a community of active app users. As a chain agnostic endeavour, we will partner with multiple projects across the industry. Our goal is to be agile and flexible at all times, listen to our community and steer YOP in the direction that benefits everyone equally.

Planned network integrations

The YOP token will reward our users, create better product incentives and, ultimately, lead to enhanced yield optimisation. It is the fuel of the application as there will be no fiat money fee structure. Although we do intend on adding fiat onramps to make it easier for new users to participate. Our long term strategy hinges on user growth and supply reduction through a sustainable token burn. We have seen this model work brilliantly in other user applications and will adopt a similar methodology. As the project evolves, we intend to implement a DAO to govern and manage the app through the YOP token.

Our vision is to onboard a large numbers of users, therefore we are in the early stages of securing some vital strategic partners in DeTech and FinTech. Leveraging our networks within crypto and in the traditional financial markets will allow us to position YOP for sustainable long term growth. Our base community will, no doubt, be the early adopters within the crypto space. But we believe that most of the user growth might actually come from an audience that may have never engaged in any token activity.

This is why we are currently writing an in-depth research paper to gain deep insights into how YOP can grow and capture a large market share through the coming market cycles. We want to be driven by data and position YOP for the best customer-focused growth. We see yield optimisation as not just related to yield farming. Instead, YOP aims to apply this concept to your entire digital asset exposure. Leading through the best product design.

Get Ready To YOP

We are really excited about the months ahead as we work to deliver the first version of the application. It will be a teaser into the YOP experience. Beyond that, our focus continues to be on developing the platform and incorporating more and more DeTech products. We genuinely hope that YOP will become the best, market-leading mobile application while addressing crypto’s user acquisition obstacles. We hope to encourage the entire community to raise the bar and give everyone interested in crypto the best experience.

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YOP — Yield Optimisation Protocol