Continuing with the momentous launch of $YOP, we are pleased to announce that $YOP has been approved to the Balancer Pool. This will allow $YOP holders to stake and start earning yield for passive income. Balancer is a DeFi heavyweight with a $200m market cap for the BAL token and over $750m TVL, making it one of largest and most important DeFi protocols. The $YOP token has been whitelisted on Balancer and $YOP holders can now farm BAL tokens by providing liquidity.

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Farm $BAL with $YOP

Balancer is a n-dimensional AMM built on the Ethereum network. It allows anyone to create or add liquidity to customizable pools and earn trading fees. Some AMMs like Uniswap use a constant product (x * y = k) formula, but Balancer uses a constant mean V = ∏ t B W t t formula, which allows for multiple assets to be indexed within one liquidity pool. …

Following the successful launch of our token, YOP has received an overwhelming amount of interest from institutional investors, who would like to participate in the YOP ecosystem by holding $YOP. Uniswap simply doesn’t fit for some larger investors and high-net-worth individuals who prefer OTC trades, and we want to make sure that these parties can also take part in our mission to make YOP the most robust and convenient all-in-one DeFi platform. Moreover, we understand the need to continue introducing fresh capital, find new partnership opportunities, and keep YOP closely aligned with the traditional financial markets.

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YOP x KIYO Capital

With that being said, we are pleased to announce that we have formally engaged Kiyo Capital as our OTC trading partner. Our partnership with Pires Investments PLC has led to many inquiries from investors and asset managers in the traditional finance space, and we understand the importance of finding a channel partner to facilitate these interactions. As a regulated financial services firm based in London, Kiyo will be responsible for over the counter trades satisfying existing demand from institutional and professional investors. …

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YOP x Polkastarter

What an incredible journey YOP has been through in such a short space of time. YOP was conceived in the Summer of 2020 after years of discussion and thoughts around progressing the quality of product in the crypto space. Enough waiting for others to improve product, we just decided to get on with it ourselves. Building started immediately with a bootstrap from the Founder and a few close friends.

As word got out, this quickly escalated to Crypto VCs joining, followed by institutional investors. This lead to our small cap of $533,000 being 4x oversubscribed in the seed/private round. Throughout the process we were approached and asked; why not raise more, just raise your cap, demand is there, but we politely turned down the offers. We value our project for long term growth and if you study our token economics, the future token sale is larger than the seed/private allocation. We intend to raise more capital after delivering the first product and once the project is in a stronger position. …

Yesterday we announced that we have collaborated with FVCKRENDER to create some really amazing digital art pieces. These will be put into a prize draw which will take place on-chain for maximum transparency. Today we reveal the art work with a brief commentary on the vision of each piece. From the outset we wanted to create something which has all the hallmarks of FVCKRENDER and a dash of YOP flavour while keeping the creations neutral possible. This way the NFTs appeal to a broader audience create a more valuable piece.

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yPlatform yProtocol $YOP NFTs

The 3 pieces represent our 3 core values of the project. The yPlatform, the yProtocol and the $YOP token. Each have a significant function in the YOP project. These are depicted by each NFT carrying one of the blades from the YOP logo trimera. …

DeFi x ART x NFTs

Ask any millennial to choose between a physical asset (i.e gold) vs digital asset (i.e bitcoin), no surprises they lean towards the digital asset. The world today is wrapped in an ever growing digital economy. Everything from the way we transact, communicate & create memories is digital. One of the fastest areas of growth in the digital world is the token economy. From the rise of Bitcoin just over 10 years ago to the breakneck growth of DeFi & NFTs. In 2020 we saw a exponential surge of demand and new appetite for decentralised financial products and the ever popular digital art-world. …

As you will be aware YOP is strategically positioned between the traditional financial markets and the crypto space. This gives YOP the edge on competitors by being able to leverage the experience of the traditional markets while maintaining close alliance to thriving crypto community. We are pleased to announce Pluto Digital Assets Plc has joined the YOP advisory board and our Founder Atif Yaqub has been appointed to Pluto Digital Assets Plc board of directors.

This exciting news will bring a stronger footing for YOP to accelerate growth of our platform and community. Pluto will expose YOP to its relationships in the traditional markets and crypto space. …

Community Rewards to Earn $YOP

YOP is a community driven project and to keep our community vibrant and rewarded we are launching the YOP Diplomat DAO. The YOPdd (Diplomat DAO) will have ongoing competitions, community bounty programmes and lots of exciting ways members can earn $YOP. There are 3 levels for YOPdd, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each level unlocks different rewards depending on the task.

The primary goal is to promote a positive image for YOP through informative conversation and media.

  • Creating Infographics
  • MEMEs, GIFs and engaging content
  • Sharing on high follower accounts
  • Creating Content on their profiles to promote the…

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Closing up our week of AMAs, we joined the Satoshi Club Community on the 20th of December, 2020. Another great discussion with a huge community of over 40,000. Recap below for those that missed out. In this Ask Me Anything we have shared the Satoshi Club recap.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram & Bitcointalk community

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hello, dear Satoshi Club!

Today we are present to your attention AMA with YOP!

D. | Satoshi Club: hello Satoshi Club!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: And our guest is @AtifYaqub!

D. | Satoshi Club: @AtifYaqub welcome to Satoshi club!

Atif Yaqub: Hello everyone. Great to be here. …

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During our AMA week in December we joined the CryptoDiffer Community on the 18th of December, 2020. Recap below for those that missed out. In this Ask Me Anything session, the administrators of CryptoDiffer will be represented by the green graphic as Host and our Founder, Atif Yaqub, will be pictured as Guest with his profile photo. AMA reposted from CryptoDiffer Recap.

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YOP Adds Non-POLS Pool

The community spoke. We listened. Here is the response.

Firstly we would like to thank everyone for joining our community and being part of this exciting journey. We have a community of over 9,000 members now and its growing fast. The whitelist has seen over 10,000 applicants in less than 3 days! We are receiving widespread coverage and acknowledgement of the high quality project YOP is. Doors are being opened for some great partnerships leading to bright future for YOP. Our token economics have received much praise for a fair and equally priced distribution.

With this spectacular growth and awareness of YOP, we are on track for our big launch on Uniswap, Friday 15th January. …



YOP — yOptimization Platform

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